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We have been around the block and we’re seasoned pros who’ve worked making just wiper rolls for you since the year 2000. Why? Because we web form it, we core roll it, we palletized carton pack it and we ship delivering it. Nothing else! Just Cleaning Wiper Rolls.  The specialist expertise we have amassed in over 18 years in business has, however, given rise to more than “just” making premium good quality wiper rolls but also other co-products in line.


We had built and created ample of job opportunities and day to day we have had experienced more hands on than anyone could have imagined. Another reason why our clients favour products from R2R is that we have an advanced understanding of the requirements of all screen printing processes and understand what exactly our client needs. 

Clients are our priority. We work 24/7 to serve clients need.  Our sales movement and customer needs are met strictly, visits to the customer site if needed or via phone, responses via email within 24 hrs. These hard work drives everything we do up to the required standards.

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