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Our USC Wiper rolls includes a diverse range of sizes and models for large MNCs, subcontractors, distributors and end users in the Printed Circuit Board Assembly production Screen Printers lines. The required model and sizes are standard to industry main known brand Screen Printers such as DEK (ASM), MPM, FUJI, EKRA, SAMSUNG, PANASONIC, SANYO, SJ INNOTECH, SM TECH, YAMAHA, GKG, ESE and many more.

Our fabric fibers are sourced from highest available quality to match and catered for dry, wet and vacuum production processes and tested regularly time to time for ultra low lint control and defects if any before web made to convert to smaller rolls of your choice. You can get top quality USC Wiper Rolls from us. Even with the shipping charges, our company, as one of the leaders in the cleaning consumables for Screen Printers industry, offers a great range of choice for different products at highly affordable prices.

Get in touch with us on how we could assist you with your enquiry of our USC Wiper Rolls. Keep handy with sizes, models that includes your required or preferred quantity as we will be glad to be at your service providing you our advice and of course the best quote.

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