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Cleaning Performance Improving SMT rolls


With PCB solder paste printing being a critical factor, good results in cleaning stencils either through wet, vacuum or/dry cleaning is mandatorily achieved if a good stencil wiper material is used during stencil cleaning process. These stencil wipers are used to clean solder paste particles or residues around the stencil apertures. Frequent cleaning/wiping is necessary to avoid solder particles or residues to form bridging, solder joints or dust.

Our rolls are made from high performance, high quality woodpulp, rayon and polyester materials. Our materials are developed with our technologists to give improved cleaning results. Our wipers, removes residual solder pastes efficiently without any linting during cleaning process and made specifically for SMT Screen printing cleaning processes.

Features includes:

  • Ultra low lint and no chemical binders
  • No solvent wicking and avoids contaminating others
  • No fibre cuttings and produces good cleaning quality
  • Soft and does not damage or scratches the stencils during cleaning process
  • Very good absorbency capacity, four times faster than ordinary wiper rolls and spreads quickly and evenly
  • Efficiently removes solder paste residues
  • Excellent performance of anti-dissolution
  • No static
  • Excellent tensile strength, high wet strength cleaning, flexibility, durability
  • Environmentally protected and RohS compliant

From poor quality wiper rolls

Lint contamination


From our wiper rolls


Our wiper rolls are suitable for all major and small medium solder paste printers in the world. The most made are DEK, MPM, Ekra, Panasonic, Minami, Fuji, ESE and many more.

Contact us with your Screen Printer model and the sizes required and we would be glad to service you.

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