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The company started by the 2Rs’ whom were SMT/SMA/SMD screen printer technical specialists. They were  from Electronic manufacturing of electronic equipments, the HDD manufacturing and the Surface Mount Technology (SMT) field experiences respectively . After many years in the SMT Screen Printer industry, in the year 1999 the 2Rs felt that they could produce better cleaning consumables for the screen printer end users and screen printer manufacturers thus started manufacturing cleaning wiper rolls and related products of high quality. Now they are the leading market players for cleaning wiper rolls and solar rolls.

The 2Rs are friendly, enthusiastic, very much experienced and seasoned professional Managing Directors. They  are on the ball every second, every minute, every hour to make the best out of office administration, production control and schedules, QA management and control, logistics and exports.

They are none other than Raj & Rajan , our 2Rs.

Raj & Rajan
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